The impossible task of summarizing the past year…

Hello.. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here. Let’s say I’ve been busy. Studying. Which I was. I must say it’s been a bit crazy actually. It’s not just an ordinary program. I could try to summarize, however impossible a task. But OK, here we go:
Year 1 found me getting used to the curriculum set-up (which I’m still not), liking classes, struggling through exams, excelling at practical and patient skills, enjoying outpatient clinic days.. The Student Association organized a career day, at which it was once again confirmed that plastic surgery is my real passion in medicine. All the seminars I attended were interesting, but none had me sitting, mouth half-opened, hanging to every word the surgeon said, like the plastic surgery seminar did. It had my heart beating a little faster. This is it. Plastic surgery is it.
Year 2 started with the best of intentions. Over the summer, I had devised new study tactics for myself, hoping to score a little better on those horrible exams. I have proficient knowledge, I’m good at clinical thinking, I study hard; but multiple choice exams aren’t my strongest point. Nonetheless, I know I’m going to be a great doctor; nice grades would just be nice as a motivator. So year 2 found me studying even harder than before and we’ll see what comes of it. My tutor has faith in me, and especially in me becoming a good doctor, so I need not worry.
One thing I really like is the number of different outpatient clinics this year. Last year we had 8 sessions each of Internal Medicine and Surgery, but the past 4 months I’ve had Neurology, Pediatrics and currently Dermatology. I can sort of diagnose a basal cell carcinoma now. It’s fascinating how small some spots are and especially how long some patients take to finally visit the doctor!
Over the past months, it has become more and more clear to me what path I want to take. I need to start thinking about my research and my final internships, and I’m determined to make it in plastic surgery. I’m especially attracted to burns and malformations, specifically in the face. The beauty of plastic surgery is the puzzle, the challenge, the research, the psychology… Giving someone his or her face back, the courage to go outside again, into the public, to not be afraid to be seen. That’s just amazing. And it’s the combination of all that I’ve mentioned that makes me love reconstructive surgery. And I think I’d be damn good at it.
So here I am, dreaming of my future profession. The holiday almost comes to an end, unfortunately, and I’m slowly starting to feel a little rested. I hope it will be enough to last till the summer holiday. It’s so weird to realize that I have only four subjects left before I’m supposed to know everything. E v e r y t h i n g. I’ll leave you with that 😉

Any thoughts?

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