Some medical action: removing fibroids

The Monday after the holidays, generally the worst Monday of all. But today was actually quite exciting. I had my second outpatient clinic at Dermatology, and we actually got to remove fibroids ourselves! I’d had my turn interviewing a patient who’d received treatment for rosacea.

Then we received a patient who didn’t need interviewing, but came for treatment on the spot. So there we were, four students in white coats, two hyperexcited by the impending “surgery”. When it was my turn, I was taken aback by my slightly trembling hands, which are normally so steady and so secure. But after swallowing the nerves away, I took my instruments and cut off the fibroids, exactly like our professor had shown us. I even got a compliment for it. It was only a minor operation and my excitement may sound overrated, but this was actually my very first “surgery”. I have assisted once before at the GP where I worked in removing a lipoma, and during the first session at Dermatology I assisted in removing a nevus (meaning handing over the disinfected cotton and applying an adhesive plaster on the “wound”), but this was the first time I flew solo. It was a great feeling. Here I come, a surgeon-to-be… 🙂


Any thoughts?

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