The first progress test

In the Netherlands, medical students have to pass a certain progress test a couple of times before they are allowed to graduate their medical education. At SUMMA, you have to pass the Utrecht Progress Test (UVT) 3 times. I’m nowhere near knowing all that I need to know, but I decided to take the test to get a feeling of what “everything that I need to know” comprehends.

I was scared shitless when I started, knowing that I haven’t even finished all my courses yet, and that I am a genius at forgetting all that I should know. However, when I closed the booklets and signed my name off, I actually felt confident. Not that I passed the exam this time, oh no. I’m probably not near passing it this time. No, I felt confident that in time, I would be able to pass the test, 3 times. And that’s more than I ever expected to get out of this trial.


Any thoughts?

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