On entering someone else’s body

Today was a special day for me in medicine world. Namely, today was the first time I touched some other woman’s vagina. Yes, you heard correctly. Today I was to finally practice the gynecological examination on real people. We have practiced quite a few times on phantoms, but it’s so different in reality.

The women teaching us were very nice and helped us through all the steps. By feeling save myself while doing the examination, I have build up some experience so that I can let my patient feel safe next time. Gynecology is practicing medicine in a very intimate setting. You have to have a good patient-doctor relationship; I for one would never show my private parts to a doctor I wouldn’t trust. So, being able to practice this examination on these very experienced women was one of the most valuable hours spent in the hospital, in my opinion.

It’s not the first time I have reached inside someone’s body. I consider mouth, nose and ears apart from that, as that’s a little less intimate. But last year, when I was doing a short internship on the Internal Medicine ward, I was allowed to try to perform a rectal examination. Although the contact was less established with that patient than with the women today, that was my first experience of examining someone’s insides. I’ve seen surgeries, of course, but actually touching something that is not skin, and especially in such an intimate region, is very special. I’d like to thank all the women (and men) in our country that have offered themselves as teachers to train us in approaching the gynecological examination the right way.


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