Finishing Up the Academic Year: Success, and Some Hiccups

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. What can I say, nothing much has happened in my world of medicine. Or maybe there has, but nothing really worth mentioning here. I’ve been busy with exams as usual, finishing up the academic year. I’ve passed all my exams and outpatient clinics, and now I’m sort of struggling to start with my thesis. Not the best of luck there. At first I had, though. I was afraid that I was quite late in finding a supervisor, as classmates had already started searching back in February. But contacts I had made years before proved to be very useful, and in no time I found myself a great plastic surgeon who wanted to supervise me for my thesis. We found me a topic, and with that soothing thought in mind I focussed on finishing my last weeks of classes. When I was ready to start searching for literature, we stumbled upon a recently (as in: only two months ago) published review on.. my topic, precisely. Exactly what I was planning to do. No way around it, I had to find myself a new topic. So, my supervisor thought of another cool thing he’d witnessed in the hospital. I emailed the surgeon who was in charge there, but again, no luck: the case had just been published on. Now, I’m still in the uncertain position of not really having a topic to write on. It’s nearly August, and I want to be finished by the start of September.. I’ve researched the surgical journals and recent reviews, but I must admit that it’s quite hard to discover the ‘hole in knowledge’, so to say. And that’s actually what I wanted to share here: the struggles research bring with them, and how I’m only at the start of something I barely know about, coming across the first hiccups that I must overcome. I hope that I can share positive news soon! Any tips? I’m particularly interested in reconstructive plastic surgery, so if anyone has any ideas, do let me know!


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