Tick tock, thesis time

I stare at the empty page on my computer screen and my mind goes blank. Where to start? Structure, structure. Structure helps, and it really does! I warily start on reporting my research methods, et voila, the first words of my thesis have appeared on paper. Milestone reached!

Stacks of paper are scattered around me. The first thing my supervisor said in our meeting last week is that he would get me stapler… He’s got a point. Where is that damn thing..? In the meantime, hundreds of articles have been screened and dozens of them have been carefully read. I have extracted the desired information from them and entered this into my self-made database. Now the question is: how to analyze all this?

This entire summer I’ve been reluctant to actually start on that big thing called my thesis. I didn’t have the best of luck, though. Somewhere in Spring, I found myself a great supervisor (for that I’m lucky, and very grateful!), and a great topic. At least that’s what we thought. After finishing up classes and exams, and enjoying my freedom for a while, we stumbled upon a recently published review on exactly my topic. Okay, so that’s off the table. Next topic: also just on it’s way to the publisher.. So yeah, I guess that what I’m saying is that I didn’t have the most luck with regards to really getting started. It wasn’t every motivating, to say the least.

Well, in the end we found me a great, great topic, and my literature search began. I’ve written many papers in my undergraduate life, for which I’ve gotten high grades, even when written in a short amount of time (undergraduate life was very stressful..). So I didn’t really worry about the end result, and I still don’t, but the process is somewhat more extensive and difficult than anticipated. Yes, I’m admitting that 😉 And while there’s no strict deadline, I want to have the thing done before I start my rotations. And I know that that’s quite far away still, in 1.5 months, but thou shall not forget that I’m peeping out for a month (backpacking in Argentina wooohooo!), leaving only a few days now, and a few days after the trip, for that big thing, my thesis. And seeing that my first words have only appeared on paper today, I must admit that’s just a little bit stressful, haha.

But hakuna matata, a saying goes, and that’s exactly what I keep in mind. I’m good at those things, and I need an approaching deadline. I’ve done most of the prepping work, and the storyline has formed in my head, now it’s ‘just’ a matter of writing it up. But that’s harder than it seems! The upcoming days I will be working hard on the analysis of my collected data, while at the same time packing my bags and doing a big exam day after tomorrow too! On Wednesday I will say ‘Hasta la vista!’ and try to clear my head for the upcoming month of traveller’s heaven.

And now I really need to go to sleep. The past hours I have been typing away in my thesis-writing-doc, which might be pretty pathetic on a Saturday night (I can even hear the music of a nearby festival thumping away the genius thoughts in my brain.. ahum), but the past few weeks I haven’t noticed any difference between the days.. Anyway, sleepy time. Brain needs to go to rest now. Follow my Argentina adventures here and be sure to be back on this blog in a little over a month for further updates on the thesis and the upcoming rotations 😉

Thanks for reading!



  1. 1 Year Recovery · · Reply

    I feel your thesis pain. I’m in the same boat. Lattes of the caramel persuasion are really helpful.

    1. Haha, thanks for sharing 😉 What’s your research about?

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