A surgeon’s own stitches

Although my body has endured quite a few things in my life and I’ve had many bruises and scratches over the years, I have never ever had stitches. Not once has a surgical knife met my skin, and not once was any cut serious enough to get it sewed. I want to become a surgeon: cut people’s skins and make them better again. I’ve been in ORs quite a few times, and I’ve seen patients being scared of what was to come. I grew up as a vet’s child, seeing many things that might be disturbing for others, but me not being affected much by blood or flesh. I can even look objectively to the various traumatic pictures that accompany the papers I read for my thesis. But today it was my own turn. I would get a birthmark removed as prevention of skin cancer, and it would be the first time in my life that I would be cut open. I must admit that I was just a little bit nervous. And although it was a teeny tiny operation, I can understand the feelings of those patients being wheeled into the OR better now.



  1. […] was time to see my housemates again! Back to Utrecht, back to doing things too (sort of). I got a birthmark removed, so I’m walking around with stitches now. Weird for the first time! I worked on my thesis, […]

  2. Glad to hear u want to be a surgeon!

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