Hesitantly excited

Mixed feelings about my upcoming rotations are occupying my mind these days. I just got back from a month of backpacking through Argentina and Bolivia, and my -still- jetlagged brains haven’t rebooted yet. Monday will be the start of a new life, sort of, and that while I even haven’t finished my thesis yet. Starting up problems once again, so to say.

Months ago I was so excited to finally start rotations. No more books and exams (figuratively speaking), but putting all we know into practice. When the date was nearing, the excitement to spend the upcoming year in the hospital was dropping fast. Upon landing on Dutch grounds, there were only ten days left. Not enough. Still, it feels like not enough time to recuperate from all that I have experienced and seen, to finish my thesis (that’s a fact), and to get enough sleep to last me a couple of weeks (probably also a fact). It’s getting so close now, and I must admit that I have felt as if being stifled a couple of times the past week.

Today I went to the hospital to get my pass and coat and all that. I brought my bikes over to the house I’ll be living in, and I went with some classmates to ‘their’ (soon ‘our’) pub. Walking through the hospital, I felt some sort of ease coming over me: I felt good there. Everything will be alright; I will be alright. I’ll probably feel scared a couple of times, I guess that’s normal. But I’m slowly getting excited again for Monday.. Next phase in becoming a doctor!


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  1. […] thesis, and met up with the new people of a committee I was president of the past year. On Thursday I went to Apeldoorn to arrange some things at the hospital, bring my bikes over to the house, and have some drinks with […]

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