The rationality behind miracles and organ donation

You may or may not have noticed, but this week is all about organ donation. Every year, the public debate heats up about organ donation: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Religion, freedom of choice, contributing to society, guilt, and the registration system implemented by the government are topics discussed again and again and again. Everyone has their own opinion and feelings about organ donation, and I feel that everyone should be free to make his or her own choice. Some people don’t want to make that choice, and leave it to their families (quite a big burden to carry, in my opinion), but I believe that in present times one should do so. One should not be forced into the decision and it should not be taken lightly, but I do think that at some point everyone should make a choice.  So many people who wouldn’t mind being a donor are not registered as such, just because of indifference or laziness. The registration system for organ donors should take this group of people into account, because it is a big group. It’s a great cause, to donate your organs (useless to you) after our death to someone who can live on with a piece of you (very useful to them). It could make a difference for someone.

Last Monday there was a column in the newspaper, where the author wrote about a recent documentary. In that documentary, a comatose girl who was given up on and whose organs would be donated to another patient, suddenly woke up. A miracle. Apparently, thousands of current donors unregistered after the showing of that documentary. A shame.

I have a strong opinion about organ donation. When you die, you don’t need your organs anymore, so why not save someone’s life even after you’ve passed away? And miracles happen. They happen, and we don’t know why. Science hasn’t progressed that far yet. But you cannot wait for that miracle to happen; they are called miracles for a reason, you know. They don’t happen a lot; miracles are rare. And I think by granting someone a life through a piece of you is a miracle in itself..


Any thoughts?

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