I. Hate. Cancer.

I’ve always wanted to become a doctor so I can help people. Make them better, maybe even cure them. But there’s this one disease that has no cure: cancer. It devastates lives, it rips you apart. It eats your body and is unstoppable. You can try to fight it, and some people win, but fact is that cancer is fast and furious and indomitable. The past few weeks, cancer has been a theme in my life (nothing in my close family, fortunately) and I notice that it makes me feel incredibly angry and helpless and miserable at the same time. There’s nothing you can do but watch people rot away. There are many options for treatment, but in the end there’s only a small chance of surviving it. The only thing you can do for someone with cancer is try to lift their spirits, improve their quality of life just a little bit if at all possible, and hope for the best. I couldn’t be an oncologist. I think I could not stand the suffering. I don’t want to see people rot away, to see their spirits die before their heart stops. I don’t want to see people get eaten and beaten by their own body. I just can’t. It’s too devastating. I hate cancer. I hate it with every healthy cell in my body.


Any thoughts?

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