Off-Ward, On-OR

Every Friday afternoon we have off-ward teaching, and every once in a while we get to go back to Utrecht for a full day of class and meta-analysis presentations. This Friday was one of those full days; it felt like weekend on Thursday already! I had arranged to meet my thesis supervisor that day, and when I called him up during lunch hour, he invited me to the OR. So I sped to the third floor, quickly changed into a blue suit, and within 15 minutes I was watching a quite spectacular lump of abdominal fat being removed. Such an awesome change of events, on an otherwise pretty boring day! I can’t express enough that everytime when I’m wearing a blue suit and walk around in the OR, I feel like this is the place for me. The past days I’ve been thinking a lot about the profession of doctor and whether that really is what I want.. I don’t really like my internship on Internal Medicine; I like seeing patients and think about their problems, and I even don’t mind writing the letters, but I really dislike all the paperwork involved, and that the patient is mostly ‘seen’ on paper. When on the ward, a patient is discussed on paper and then really seen for maybe a minute. That’s not what I want. I want interaction with the patient, I really want to work with the patient. So after days of doubts about the profession, I felt invigorated with a renewed love for medicine when I left the OR. That’s the place for me, I’m sure. I’m going to be a surgeon, full stop.


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  1. […] bit of work on my thesis. After lunch, I spontaneously got invited to join my thesis supervisor in the OR. Change of events that made it into a great day! We also had a meeting about my thesis, and I biked […]

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