The good, the bad, and the ugly

Today.. Good news first.

The good: Apparently my IV placing skills were so remarkable that they remembered me from a couple of weeks ago and were eager to sign my certificate even before I’d had my second round of practice.

The bad: I saw a young boy die.

The ugly: A long long day, including night shift, without patients.

PS. I’m still in shock.



  1. Ooh, what did he die from? I mean, what happened?
    Sorry to hear it shocked you… *sends you a virtual cup of comforting tea and a biscuit*

    1. This weekend I’ll write something about it. I almost can’t believe I’m blogging about it but this is my outlet.. It was my first reanimation and it was a child. It was a very shocking experience.. I need to talk about it and I need to share it. Thanks for your sympathy, and for the cookies and tea 😉

      1. You’re welcome.
        I understand something like the death of a child can be really shocking. I hope it won’t affect your confidence in the matter of reanimating. *hugs*

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