From ‘Chef Lamp’ to assisting in the sterile field

Gynecology is so much fun already. And a thousand times cooler than Internal Medicine. You finally get to do stuff. Within the first week I have worked with speculums, made cervical smears, felt babies’ positions, and made echo’s, either through the abdominal wall or through the vagina. I felt I had a very steep learning curve, a feeling that was lacking in Internal Medicine. There, I felt confident in doing the physical examination, mostly due to the week on the Cardiac Emergency Room. Now, I’m quickly learning to do the gynecological examination and I feel more and more confident doing it. I remember having that same feeling when I was doing the student clinic back at the academic hospital. I’ve gotten good grades too, yay.


This week was cool. Yesterday I joined in on the outpatient clinic where minor procedures were performed, like hysteroscopy and excision of polyps. There, I was pretty shocked by the excision of the cervix: what a massacre! I hope I never have to undergo that! I don’t want to scare patients, there’s no need for that, absolutely not. The thing I was shocked by is what’s left of the cervix. I haven’t seen a healed one yet, and I really wonder what it will look like and how it will function. Apparently that’s all good, no worries there. But it felt like an amputation.. Of an inner part, but still. Bluh.

Today was an even more awesome day. Where I was called ‘Chef Lamp’ (aka positioning the lamp on the right spot) yesterday, I was promoted to assist in the OR today. I watched two operations first, and in the third I was positioned in the sterile field and had the task to hold clamps, suck the surplus fluid away, and cut threads. Yay! My back aches like hell now (and it did back then!), but it was so worth it. My first time in the sterile field!



Any thoughts?

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