Good times in and outside the hospital

I’m slowly starting to like it now. Doing rotations. I’m having a good time at Gynaecology and I’m getting more and more confident about my abilities. I’m getting used to the early mornings and long days, I’m less hesitant about seeing patients myself, I’m getting better at socializing with the staff. All in all, good changes I suppose.

It’s the holidays now. I was looking forward to it so much! Three weeks ago, at the start of Gynaecology, I didn’t know how to survive those weeks. And how to survive the whole batch of rotations, 9 months.. But I take it day by day, week by week, rotation by rotation. That way I’ll survive, I’m sure. The past three weeks were good. I took the time to take care of myself, to take the rest I needed. I discovered that I really like Gynaecology and that I was learning fast. Last week was at obstetrics, meaning I had a tough week ahead of me. But I also discovered that when you like something, it’s easier. Because then you don’t mind that it’s tough.


The photo above was taken in my first week. Pockets still empty, still some color on my face. All fresh, sort of. I couldn’t have started my rotations more tired I guess, but now the bags under my eyes are growing steady, unfortunately.


On Thursdays we go to this local pub. We discuss stuff we see and hear and do, and it’s always a great moment to talk and laugh and have fun and relax.


Chilling in PJ’s and drinking some hot tea is also very relaxing =)


This life can make you silly: having fun with a pineapple in the back of our bikes. Desert!


My intern phone, feeling important! I’m not being called very often, yet πŸ˜‰


Falling asleep while catching up…


Sinterklaas treats hardworking students =)


Thursday night snacks at our local pub.


New tradition: house dinners!


This is the house we’re staying in. Not bad eh?


Catching up with some anatomy..


OR suit. Really the best thing one can ever wear. And I’m dead serious!


My future wardrobe?


Good times on Thursdays.


Our local hero.


Getting our Basic Life Support certificates.


Learning how to bandage hands and feet.


Total whites, at Gynaecology. You don’t want birthing blood on your jeans!


That was me, last week. I’ll miss it!


Christmas at the hospital. It’s a really nice hospital by the way. Light, spacey, modern. Nice people, too.


First time that I have blood on my clothes!


Being silly at the “Snorrenborrel”, a drink organized by the Surgery department.


More silliness πŸ™‚


Permanent marker…

In this post I tried to show that life in the hospital is getting better. Life outside the hospital is good, too. Before I started, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have a social life anymore. Well, that’s not true, luckily. But my social life has changed, though. I see my fellow interns a lot, and most of the socializing that I do is with them. And the weekends are for my other friends, and family. But looking back at these photos, I’m glad I have all this. Without the good times – being silly, having fun, having house dinners, funny parties – in and outside the hospital, I wouldn’t survive. And now I’m sure I will πŸ™‚

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