The verdict on Gynecology & Obstetrics

I’m already a week into Surgery, but once again I have successfully completed another rotation: Gynecology & Obstetrics. And I actually liked this one. It seemed to take ages before it was done, but that had probably to do with the holidays. Not that I mind. I had a good time.

I felt welcome in the group, and that really positively influenced my work. I think I flourished there. Things went well. I got great feedback and great marks. And contrary to what I’d expected beforehand, I liked it.

What’s so likeable about the gynecology profession is that it’s so diverse. Seeing patients in the outpatient clinic, acute problems, surgeries (both big and small), babies being born. You get to do a lot with your hands, instead of sitting behind a computer and treating your patient on paper. You really need to act, and communicate with your patient. That’s what I like about it.

In the outpatient clinic you see many different problems, from little itch complaints to prolapses. There are people with (pre)malign cells, but also people with babies in their bellies. Even though it’s only women that you see, even all those women are so diverse. Young and old, fat and slim, intelligent and mentally challenged, happy and not happy, with psychiatric disease, with bad experiences, with a varying amount and type of problems, that’s why they’re here. But yet the scope of the medical problems is within limits, and therefore well understandable.

Then there is the obstetrics part, with happy people waiting for their babies. A baby being born is such a special experience, and one the family allows you to share with them.. I’ve observed the interaction between the mother and the father, and there are so many differences there. I had the best personal experience with the couples where the man really was there for his woman during labor. I loved those people. And it made it extra special that I could be there, coaching them through it, ‘catching’ their baby and handing him to them. The happiness on their faces, no matter what the mess down under.

That last thing I cannot understand yet. Maybe when I myself I’m a mother, but that will probably be postponed even longer. The sight of vaginas rupturing has truly gotten me off of wanting babies. Somewhere far away, I know I do want kids, but I’d rather not give birth. I hope that with some years, I don’t feel that visually traumatized anymore.

In any case, contrary to what I’d expected beforehand, I loved this internship. First, I didn’t think I could ‘love’ my rotations. Although I do think it’s completely relative love. Second, I didn’t think I’d like gynecology and obstetrics. Eye-opener. Although I don’t want to become a gynecologist, I’m glad that my pre-set ideas are open to change.


Any thoughts?

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