It’s about kids in Pediatrics

It feels like a century ago that I was in my Pediatrics rotation, but in fact it’s only been three weeks. I’ve been in another world the past weeks, but more on that later. My fourth rotation, the last of the bigger hills, so to say, involved kids. I was a little scared at first, because I wasn’t familiar with them. When I was younger, people used to say that I was so good with kids, so natural. The past years, however, I’ve grown more distant of children, didn’t know how to deal with them. How do you talk to kids? What do they know already? What are they able to do already? In medicine, you learn to look at human beings objectively and you learn all these professional ways to deal with patients. That sometimes takes your natural ways away. For me, that happened with my dealings with kids. So yeah, I was a little scared to start my Pediatrics rotation.

But it turned out fine. Babies are great, you just let them suck your thumb or tickle them a little or stroke their cheeks. I quickly knew how to examine them, and later even how to handle them when dressing and undressing them. Then, on to the bigger ones, of various ages. I noticed that from ten years on, they can be treated like adults almost. Had no problems with that. So I saved the hardest part for last I guess: the kids aged 3-8 years. In the outpatient clinic, my practice patients and exam patients were all around four years old. And luckily, I realized I hadn’t lost my natural ways. Shy and timid kids easily opened up to me during the consult, and I actually loved working with them. I don’t want to be a pediatrician, no way, but I do want to deal with children in my future profession (partly, that is).

Oh and did I rock my talk about umbilical hernias? Oh yes I did 😉



Any thoughts?

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