I, the operator

Surgery might just be in my blood. My supervising ENT-doctor told me to do something related to surgery as a career, because I had skills. That’s quite a big compliment! Yay!

I had the most awesome morning in the OR, on the very last day of my last rotation in our teaching hospital. I operated. Oh yeah. I did a tonsillectomy. Oh yes, I removed a tonsil. Haha! But it was amazing! I was allowed to do it myself! Grab the tonsil, do the incision, pry the thing off its surrounding tissue, and cut it out. Getting compliments on my handiness (I performed this with my left hand, while my dexterity is on the right). I also removed a bunch of nasal polyps, while holding a scope (little camera) with the one hand and plucking the polyps out with the right. I felt so competent!

And with that, was my last day in this hospital. I couldn’t have been better. I have had my good times and bad times in this hospital. There were things I liked, things I loved, and things I hated. I learnt a great deal, I grew a great deal too. I got to know myself, my strong and weak points. I learnt what I find important, in life, in personality, in work, in other people. It has been an eventful time, my rotations in this hospital. And my final day was the cherry on top!


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  1. […] zonnetje, of hard aan het werk in de bieb, maar het gaf niet want het was leuk. Superleuk zelfs. En de laatste ochtend, m’n laatste ochtend in het ziekenhuis, had niet beter kunnen zijn. Zelf geopereerd! Ik liep […]

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