Rotation Roundup

Okay I’m way behind in my posting here. I finish Pediatrics (4) in April, posted about in May, and yesterday I finished my last rotation in the hospital (number 8). So I decided to a little roundup in one post, as the last four rotations were smaller as well.



To another hospital for a change. It really was a pleasant change of scenery, away from the usual buzz, and just chill out there in Zutphen. We were allowed to stay in a little holiday home near the hospital, a short 15-walk away from the outpatient clinic. Ideal. I did feel like a nomad though, dragging my backpack all these places, including shampoo and food, living quite the provisional life. But it was alright. Like I said, it was a change of scenery, and a welcome change at that.


This hospital was quite a bit smaller (200 beds) and there was less order in the day, for us interns. No real transferals or meetings, just scheduled patients on the outpatient clinic and that’s that. It was fun having your own patients, a delight actually. You can just do your thing, practice your examination skills without the burning eye of a supervisor.

Neurology is not my path, but the pathology is interesting enough for me not wanting to never come across it again.


Psychiatry was… interesting. I quite like the subject matter; I have always been superintrigued by the workings of the human brain, and thus also its dysfunctioning. Again, patients were scheduled for us, and I’ve seen quite a bunch of patients with varying complaints, but mainly depression, suicidal thoughts, or anxiety.


However, I did not really like this rotation. That had nothing to do with the contents of it, nor the patients, nor the work. It were external factors, the combination of a frustratingly narcissistic supervisor, and being superbusy with a project outside rotations. It all worked out fine, but I think I could have gotten way more out of this rotation if the timing was better. Shame.


Just one week of eyes. Many, many eyes. My very own eyes got sore from staring through the slit lamp, but it was a fun week. Mostly just sitting next to the specialist, with one day standing beside her on the OR (cornea transplantations and cataract operations). The last day was the best day: I had a great morning seeing new patients myself first, just fiddling with the split lamp and trying to see stuff in the eye. It went pretty well, I could even do a little fundoscopy!



Two weeks of ears, noses, mouths, and throats. Two weeks of earwax, mucus and snot. But two amazingly fun weeks. In no other rotation (of longer duration) have I seen so many patients myself. It was great. I really felt like a doctor! I actually really like ENT! You really see a range of complaints and pathology coming by. There is the outpatient clinic, where you can do a lot besides just talking. There already you have equipment  for your examination and little actions. You can do small operations of various degrees, AND there is the OR! Which I loooooove! Apparently, in the Netherlands, quite a few ENT-doctors specialize in facial surgery, so it’s not only for the plastics anymore. –> interesting career possibility!!!

The first week was mostly outpatient clinic, the second week I was in the OR a lot. And it was great. The icing on the cake, the cherry on top, was the last morning. I was allowed to operate myself! It was a tonsillectomy, so a removal of the tonsils. Well, tonsil, because my fellow intern did the other one, haha. BUT IT WAS AMAZING!! We also removed nasal polyps, pretty fun. It was such a great morning in the OR. Good atmosphere, learnt a lot, and that I was allowed to operate myself…. Couldn’t have been a better closure of my time in the hospital there! 😀

So yeah.. future ENT maybe?

Any thoughts?

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