Lifestyle changes

I see myself as a healthy-living person. I work out a lot and eat healthily. I was trying to balance my life, and it was going the right way. Then there came rotations. Something that kicked my life out of order and totally took over. I was tired, felt bloated, didn’t see any daylight. I lived in the grey for a couple of months, and I didn’t like it. I like a healthy, colorful, fresh, and sportive lifestyle. But that wasn’t meant to be, those months. Finally getting home at 8 o’clock in the evening, feeling completely drained, someone offering you a beer you cannot resist accepting. And maybe another one. Heat up your leftovers in the microwave, watch television, play some (drinking) games maybe. Retreat to bed early (most of the time) or not so early (at times I had a day of hating rotations and being completely done with it). Those first months felt rock ‘n roll. Every Thursday we went to our local pub. We smelled like smoke and frying pan after, and tasted the beer on our lingual taste buds the day after still.

But times come and go, and these times are over. I don’t mind at all. When looking back, the rock ‘n roll times were fun. We needed it. I think we really did. We needed to survive. We held each other up, and in our weakest moments we grabbed our drinks and junkfood. As time flew into Spring, and we got more used to life in the hospital, meanwhile growing as a person, times changed. We moved house, got to see daylight again, had time for lunch. The weather got better, and I could go outside and run and cycle. I started practicing yoga. I found a cheap supermarket where I could stack up on quark and blueberries and avocado. I didn’t go to our pub anymore (although that is a crying shame and I really should go once more). I tried to get as much vitamin D as possible, soaking up the sun. No more weekends just reserved for sleep, but time to workout, to go to festivals and parties, get-togethers and running events, and meet up with friends. My life got healthier again. Much better actually. I have more energy in my rotational work, I feel more confident in what I do and among my supervisors. I actually smile in the hospital. I actually kinda love my rotations now. Wow, how about that for a change??

Scroll through the photos and notice the change…

Any thoughts?

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