Family medicine on the heath

My last and final rotation was in family medicine. I was placed at a small solo-practice in an even smaller village. The surroundings were beautiful. Everyday I enjoyed the drive, especially the part that crossed the heath. Made the drive in my frying car worthwhile. With the heat and the religious community, and no airco, my days were pretty hot. But catching some rays in the garden during lunchtime made it all okay.

I had a great time during this last rotation. I saw most of the patients myself. And I loved it! Finally starting to feel like a real doc. That I am capable of diagnosing illnesses, both mild and severe. That I am developing the sense of judging when something is serious and when it is not. That I know things. And that I can explain it to my patients.

I really liked the variety of complaints. You see stomachs, ears, eyes and mouths. You listen to heart and lungs and babies’ sounds. You test reflexes and do other neurological tests, look at skin, do gynaecological things, or maybe just talk. You see babies and children and adolescents and busy working people and moms and dads and grandparents. All kinds of people, with all kinds of problems. And that’s what I really liked about this profession. It’s certainly an option.

Any thoughts?

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