News, news, news

After a well-deserved summer holiday break (which was lovely, I felt so grateful and relaxed!), I am back on track in medicine world again! The past year has been quite something (luckily I aced all my rotations!), and I think the upcoming months will be quite something too, but then different. Let me update you!

News #1:
A while ago I posted a Dutch article here. Based on the presentation I gave during my rotations, I did some more literature research and wrote an article about how the medical world should need a culture change if we want to keep our doctors mentally healthy. It was published in the UCU alumni magazine Post last June, and is available online now. I’m curious as to what you think about my article!

News #2:
My thesis is finally finished and handed in! I got a great great grade for it, superhappy. So glad to know that not only your supervisor thinks it’s good what you’ve written, but that the second reader, who just so happened to be the professor of Plastic Surgery in our hospital, was also impressed. Now we’re trying to get it published!

News #3:
I started my research internship! It’s about 3D printing of ears and I’m superexcited! I really like the project, and although I only started last week, I’m having a lot of fun with it. It feels good to be doing something that really matters.


  1. Great news! Good to read that you’re so well on track, and congrats on your thesis too!

    1. Thanks! How are you doing nowadays?

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