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Lifestyle changes

I see myself as a healthy-living person. I work out a lot and eat healthily. I was trying to balance my life, and it was going the right way. Then there came rotations. Something that kicked my life out of order and totally took over. I was tired, felt bloated, didn’t see any daylight. I […]

I, the operator

Surgery might just be in my blood. My supervising ENT-doctor told me to do something related to surgery as a career, because I had skills. That’s quite a big compliment! Yay! I had the most awesome morning in the OR, on the very last day of my last rotation in our teaching hospital. I operated. […]

Rotation Roundup

Okay I’m way behind in my posting here. I finish Pediatrics (4) in April, posted about in May, and yesterday I finished my last rotation in the hospital (number 8). So I decided to a little roundup in one post, as the last four rotations were smaller as well. Neurology To another hospital for a […]

It’s about kids in Pediatrics

It feels like a century ago that I was in my Pediatrics rotation, but in fact it’s only been three weeks. I’ve been in another world the past weeks, but more on that later. My fourth rotation, the last of the bigger hills, so to say, involved kids. I was a little scared at first, […]

The sight of a dead baby

A couple of weeks back, I had a weekend shift on the Gynaecology & Obstetrics ward. I had the chance to witness an autopsy, and I took it. It was quite an experience.. It was a very special experience. The autopsy was done on a baby, who died in utero, 36 weeks old. It’s hard […]

From ‘Chef Lamp’ to assisting in the sterile field

Gynecology is so much fun already. And a thousand times cooler than Internal Medicine. You finally get to┬ádo stuff. Within the first week I have worked with speculums, made cervical smears, felt babies’ positions, and made echo’s, either through the abdominal wall or through the vagina. I felt I had a very steep learning curve, […]

The life of a child… gone

I’d heard the alarm once before, but then it was false alarm: someone had ‘just’ fainted. Last Wednesday however, in my night shift, I was to experience my first reanimation. And it was a child.. I was there from the beginning till the end. All the people in the crashroom were nervous. They’re all very […]