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News, news, news

After a well-deserved summer holiday break (which was lovely, I felt so grateful and relaxed!), I am back on track in medicine world again! The past year has been quite something (luckily I aced all my rotations!), and I think the upcoming months will be quite something too, but then different. Let me update you! […]

Tick tock, thesis time

I stare at the empty page on my computer screen and my mind goes blank. Where to start? Structure, structure. Structure helps, and it really does! I warily start on reporting my research methods, et voila, the first words of my thesis have appeared on paper. Milestone reached! Stacks of paper are scattered around me. […]

Finishing Up the Academic Year: Success, and Some Hiccups

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. What can I say, nothing much has happened in my world of medicine. Or maybe there has, but nothing really worth mentioning here. I’ve been busy with exams as usual, finishing up the academic year. I’ve passed all my exams and outpatient clinics, and now I’m sort […]