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One Year Ago

When I woke up this morning, I realized something. Today, exactly one year ago, I stepped into our teaching hospital, got a white coat, and started my rotations. It may sound very cliche, and it might be, but that moment really seems ages ago.  When I now walk through the academic hospital and bump into […]

Losing The Battle

This week was a bad week. I told you last week that I’d had one off-day that week. One day where I just didn’t feel it. Something felt wrong. That day coincided with the death of a good friend of my parents. After more than a decade he had succumbed to his cancer. I got […]

Cardiac Emergency Room

The past week was pretty exciting: Cardiac Emergency time! No vitally threatened patients (unfortunately for me, fortunately for them!), but I did get the chance to learn A LOT, once again. Monday and Tuesday were pretty chaotic, and I saw quite a few patients myself. Terrifying in the beginning, but you slowly get used to […]

Hesitantly excited

Mixed feelings about my upcoming rotations are occupying my mind these days. I just got back from a month of backpacking through Argentina and Bolivia, and my -still- jetlagged brains haven’t rebooted yet. Monday will be the start of a new life, sort of, and that while I even haven’t finished my thesis yet. Starting […]

A surgeon’s own stitches

Although my body has endured quite a few things in my life and I’ve had many bruises and scratches over the years, I have never ever had stitches. Not once has a surgical knife met my skin, and not once was any cut serious enough to get it sewed. I want to become a surgeon: […]