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One Year Ago

When I woke up this morning, I realized something. Today, exactly one year ago, I stepped into our teaching hospital, got a white coat, and started my rotations. It may sound very cliche, and it might be, but that moment really seems ages ago.  When I now walk through the academic hospital and bump into […]

News, news, news

After a well-deserved summer holiday break (which was lovely, I felt so grateful and relaxed!), I am back on track in medicine world again! The past year has been quite something (luckily I aced all my rotations!), and I think the upcoming months will be quite something too, but then different. Let me update you! […]

I, the operator

Surgery might just be in my blood. My supervising ENT-doctor told me to do something related to surgery as a career, because I had skills. That’s quite a big compliment! Yay! I had the most awesome morning in the OR, on the very last day of my last rotation in our teaching hospital. I operated. […]

Rotation Roundup

Okay I’m way behind in my posting here. I finish Pediatrics (4) in April, posted about in May, and yesterday I finished my last rotation in the hospital (number 8). So I decided to a little roundup in one post, as the last four rotations were smaller as well. Neurology To another hospital for a […]

Blood, burning bodies and other insanities we get used to

The study of medicine is widely advertised as beautiful: you’ll have the power and knowledge to heal and help people. And it is, at times, beautiful. Anatomy is beautiful. The healing power of bodies is beautiful. The autonomy of chemical processes occurring in the human body is beautiful. The brain is beautiful. The study of […]

Good times in and outside the hospital

I’m slowly starting to like it now. Doing rotations. I’m having a good time at Gynaecology and I’m getting more and more confident about my abilities. I’m getting used to the early mornings and long days, I’m less hesitant about seeing patients myself, I’m getting better at socializing with the staff. All in all, good […]

From ‘Chef Lamp’ to assisting in the sterile field

Gynecology is so much fun already. And a thousand times cooler than Internal Medicine. You finally get to do stuff. Within the first week I have worked with speculums, made cervical smears, felt babies’ positions, and made echo’s, either through the abdominal wall or through the vagina. I felt I had a very steep learning curve, […]