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News, news, news

After a well-deserved summer holiday break (which was lovely, I felt so grateful and relaxed!), I am back on track in medicine world again! The past year has been quite something (luckily I aced all my rotations!), and I think the upcoming months will be quite something too, but then different. Let me update you! […]

Family medicine on the heath

My last and final rotation was in family medicine. I was placed at a small solo-practice in an even smaller village. The surroundings were beautiful. Everyday I enjoyed the drive, especially the part that crossed the heath. Made the drive in my frying car worthwhile. With the heat and the religious community, and no airco, […]

Lifestyle changes

I see myself as a healthy-living person. I work out a lot and eat healthily. I was trying to balance my life, and it was going the right way. Then there came rotations. Something that kicked my life out of order and totally took over. I was tired, felt bloated, didn’t see any daylight. I […]

I, the operator

Surgery might just be in my blood. My supervising ENT-doctor told me to do something related to surgery as a career, because I had skills. That’s quite a big compliment! Yay! I had the most awesome morning in the OR, on the very last day of my last rotation in our teaching hospital. I operated. […]

Rotation Roundup

Okay I’m way behind in my posting here. I finish Pediatrics (4) in April, posted about in May, and yesterday I finished my last rotation in the hospital (number 8). So I decided to a little roundup in one post, as the last four rotations were smaller as well. Neurology To another hospital for a […]

The verdict on Gynecology & Obstetrics

I’m already a week into Surgery, but once again I have successfully completed another rotation:¬†Gynecology¬†& Obstetrics. And I actually liked this one. It seemed to take ages before it was done, but that had probably to do with the holidays. Not that I mind. I had a good time. I felt welcome in the group, […]

The sight of a dead baby

A couple of weeks back, I had a weekend shift on the Gynaecology & Obstetrics ward. I had the chance to witness an autopsy, and I took it. It was quite an experience.. It was a very special experience. The autopsy was done on a baby, who died in utero, 36 weeks old. It’s hard […]